What Does all that Battery Talk Really Mean?

31 01 2010

Voltage, mAh, C ratings, S ratings, capacity what does all this mean? I do agree these terms are some of the most confusing in the RC world.

The capacity of a battery pack is expressed in “mAh” or milliamp hours. You can easily remember this as the gas tank size. The larger the gas tank the longer the run time you get. You can also find small changes in the amount of acceleration you get. But I am going to avoid this for confusion ( or lack of) sake. This means that a 5000 mAh battery will run longer than an 1800 mAh battery.

The voltage of a battery can be thought of as the speed the battery can push your car. Voltage is not to different from the octane level of your gasoline in your real car. This is one area that you do have to be careful. If you attempt to run a battery that has to high of voltage you can do permanent damage to your
ESC and or your motor.

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RC Flat battery pack

Here are two terms that are hard to get straight: Series and parallel.

Series wiring increases voltage but not the amp/hour capacity mAh. Here is the way to remember this… 3 – 2 volt/200 mAh cells wired in series, = 6 voltz/200 mAh.

Parallel wiring increases capacity not voltage. Here is the way to remember this one.. 3 – 2 volt/200 mAh cells wired in parallel = 2 volts/600 mAh.

For those of you that do use Lipo batteries there are two more terms that really get mis-understood. These two terms are the S-rating and C-rating. The “S” rating means the number of cells that are wires in series. 2S means 2 cells in series, 3S is 3 cells in series and so on. Packs that are wired in series have their voltage higher which means higher top speeds.

C ratings show the level of current a pack can output. Now I have lost you right? It just means it will spit out the juice faster, so you get more acceleration.

OK you were right ! Sometimes there is a “P” rating. And yes, it means the cells are wired in parallel. This will increase the packs capacity as you would expect. These are not common. It is far easier and more reliable just to increase the size of the pack. Cells that are wired in parallel have a lot of solder joints, this can cause the packs to become out of balance. We can discuss this in a later blog.

Now that I have cleared all this up, I am going to mention that you can get battery packs that have their cells wired in both series and parallel….So why did I have to say that ūüôā


Tire Gluing Tip

30 01 2010

If you are like me, I know one of the the most irritating moments on your work bench is when you are getting ready to glue tires.. you reach for the glue bottle only to find the tip is clogged! Am I right?

You can cure this by removing the tip and dropping it in a small container of acetone. If you let it soak overnight it will be soft enough to remove. If not let it soak some more. It will soften up enough to remove.

Better yet, next time you empty a bottle remove the tip and cap and soak them in acetone until they are clean. If you have a spare on hand; you can glue your tires, remove the tip and replace it with a clean one everytime you glue tires. This means you will never have that race day frustration we all have been there done that..

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RC tire glue

Remote Control Cars Blog Added to Digg and Technorati

7 10 2009

I have added this blog to the Social communities of Technorati and Digg.  If you visit and like what you read let me know.

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The 2.4 GHz Radio Revealed

28 09 2009

Over the last several years there has been more and more talk about the new radio technology.  This technology is the 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum System.  So why is this technology better than conventional AM or FM frequencies.  I am going to visit some of the most common advantages and let you determine if this is the new direction or just hipe.

  1. The 2.4 GHz radios use a range of frequencies tht are much cleaner.  They have very little interference and therefore much less chance of glitches.
  2. The antenna is rarely over 4 inches in length and is flexable.  This greatly reduces the chance of bending or breaking the antenna.
  3. The 2.4 GHz system uses over 4 billion signals.  This means that you will never have to wait for your channel to clear.
  4. The transmitter and receiver do not use crystals. They automaticaly search for an open signal when switched on.  Just think how nice it is to not have to scramble around swapping out crystals before that big race.
  5. The nature of the the technology allows for additional information about you RC car to be transmitted to a display on the readio.  Speed, RPM, running temperatures are examples of information that can be brought directly from your car to your display.
  6. The antennae on your car is also shorter.  This means there is a smaller chance of damage.  It also means your car will look more scale.  It definitely is more realistic without the antennae hanging out.
  7. The radio itself is more lightweight. ¬†Most of these radios will use only 4 “AA” alkalines rather than the bulky 8 we are so used to.
  8. Less trouble with receivers.  It is the crystals that usually go bad over time.  For those of use that love off road cars are used to the fact that all that vibrating will eventually cause the crystals to fail.
  9. Faster response.  Because the transmitter sends data to the receiver more often than AM or FM transmitters.  This means you get a much faster response time.

So in an nutshell it looks like 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology gives a definite increase in the safety of the RC hobby by reducing the chances of runaways and glitches.  It also increase the performance of your radio signal.  This gives you a much better experience whether you are a basher or a racer.

Welcome to the RC Cars Blog

28 09 2009

The remote Control Cars Store is proud to announce our new RC blog.  We Will be discussing The latest products, tips and tricks that will help you with your RC car hobby, and many other topics relating to the exciting world of RC cars and RC racing.

Use this blog to connect with other RC enthusiasts and share whatever you want..